Five IoT Startups to Watch in 2020
Google News Canada - 30 Dec, 2019
Referenced Companies: KONUX, Polte, Particle, Helium, Microsoft
Keywords: Sensors, Predictive Maintenance
Shaking things up with AI and IoT: Q&A with Thomas Böhm at KONUX
European Railway Review - 22 Aug, 2019
Referenced Companies: KONUX
Keywords: Sensors
Konux receives investment from global investment fund Boundary Holding
Business Review - 08 May, 2019
Referenced Companies: KONUX
Keywords: Predictive Maintenance, Sensors, VISION
From incubation to acceleration, this entrepreneurship centre connects local and international innovators
YourStory - 19 Apr, 2019
Referenced Companies: FESTO, KONUX, Siemens, IBM, NetApp
Keywords: Conversational Interfaces, Sensors, VISION, Sensor, Predictive Maintenance
IoT startups: Six with great ideas — and big funding
Google News Canada - 15 Apr, 2019
Referenced Companies: IoTium, KONUX, ABB, Emerson
Keywords: Sensors, Sensor, VISION
Konux, a IoT industrial solutions for the rail industry company, raised EUR 11.5 million in a Series B round
Business Review - 13 Feb, 2019
Referenced Companies: KONUX
Keywords: Sensors, Predictive Maintenance
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