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Industrial AI Definition: What is AI and Industrial AI


What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that involves building systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Every AI runs on infrastructure and uses data to train algorithms. Organizations train AI in specific skills that help accomplish goals.

What is industrial artificial intelligence(Industrial AI)?

Industrial AI, usually refers to the application of artificial intelligence to industrialworld. Unlike general artificial intelligence which is a frontier research discipline to build computerized systems that perform tasks requiring human intelligence, industrial AI is more concerned with the application of such technologies to address industrial pain-points for customer value creation, productivity improvement, cost reduction, site optimization, predictive analysis and insight discovery.


Narrow vs. general AI


By combining large datasets with the computing power to simulate human thinking, AI increases the efficiency, capacity, and complexity of factory floors

  1. Product complexity: AI enables companies to more efficiently manufacture sophisticated products such as automobiles, which contain many complex parts and components, all of which are separately produced and assembled into a single unit. 
  2. Process complexity: Today, by combining large volumes of data with computing power, manufacturers are using AI to simulate human cognitive abilities such as reasoning, language, perception, vision, and spatial processing. 
  3. Value chain complexity: Big data platforms and the Internet of Things allow companies to quickly gather large quantities of information that helped to predict supply chain disruptions that would impact production. AI helps provide instant visibility into the value chain and enables quicker mitigation. During COVID, these capabilities helped some manufacturers to manage disruptions. 


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