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The Intel Xeon processor 5500 series is an adaptable server platform, adjusting performance and power usage in real time to meet the exact requirements of your computing workloads, while allowing manual adjustment for IT control.
The intelligent performance of the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series
also gives IT fine-grained manual control to adapt to changing priorities
or to meet service-level agreements (SLAs). For example, Intel Intelligent
Power Technology enables policy-based control that allows processors
to operate at optimal frequency and power. The operating systems can
make this determination automatically, or administrators can designate
which applications require high-frequency processing and which should
be executed at lower frequencies to conserve power.
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Major Services Provider Cuts the Price of Success
Major Services Provider Cuts the Price of Success
To support continued growth, Cofely wanted to move to a scale-out storage solution that streamlined costs and avoided expensive forklift upgrades.
SAP, Dell, and Intel Partner for Powerful Health Analytics
SAP, Dell, and Intel Partner for Powerful Health Analytics
SAP, Dell, and Intel Partner for Powerful Health AnalyticsA health-related revolution is transforming industries such as healthcare, life sciences, higher education, consumer products, and the public sector. Empowered by automated diagnosis and treatment options, along with better access to information, patients are taking charge of their healthcare experience like never before. Today’s activist health consumers expect medical decisions and products to be tailored to their specific needs and goals, so they can live full and healthy lives.Advances in big data analytics provide powerful new ways to meet these demands.Using the SAP Connected Health platform, built on SAP HANA®, organizations can combine and analyze traditional data sources and vital patient data—clinical, research, personal medical, social information, and more. Armed with fresh analytic insights, organizations can accelerate their development of personalized, patient-centered treatments and innovations, including drugs, therapies, devices, and diagnostic tests. These insights can also help deepen under- standing of the patient and expand patient involvement, to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.
Optimized Hospital Management with Healthcare Intel Cloud-in-a-Rack
Optimized Hospital Management with Healthcare Intel Cloud-in-a-Rack
Improve daily management of IT infrastructure. Ease routine management of servers which run up to 1,200 different types of applications to allow IT personnel to oversee work for new system testing and development.Resolve data storage and backup issues. Enable automation of storage space efficiency to cater to the specific needs of virtual machines.Lower operation costs. Centralize IT operations to cover management of IT systems in all VGH branches in Taichung, Wanqiao Puli, and Chiayi to reduce operation and maintenance costs as well as to optimize all IT resources.
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