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Intel Hardware Xeon Phi Processor

Xeon Phi Processor

Xeon Phi Processor
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Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors are PCI Express form factor add-in cards that work synergistically with Intel Xeon processors to enable dramatic performance gains for highly parallel code―up to 1.2 double-precision teraFLOPS (floating point operations per second) per coprocessor.
Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors provide up to 61 cores, 244 threads, and 1.2 teraflops of performance, and they come in a variety of configurations to address diverse hardware, software, workload, performance, and efficiency requirements. They also come in a variety of form factors, including a standard PCIe* x16 form factor (with active, passive, or no thermal solution), and a dense form factor that offers additional design flexibility.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
3.5 inches (") 8.89 centimeters (cm) 88.9 millimeters (mm)
24.8 inches (") 62.99 centimeters (cm) 629.92 millimeters (mm)
0.3 inches (") 0.76 centimeters (cm) 7.62 millimeters (mm)
1,400.00 pounds (lb) 453.59 grams (g) 16 ounce (oz)
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