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Iomote Hardware X400 - Connected and Programmable Gateway

X400 - Connected and Programmable Gateway

X400 - Connected and Programmable Gateway
Gateways & Routers
Network Gateways
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CoreMote module is the smallest and the lowest cost solution that allows you to add industrial-grade IoT to any machine or product. It is ready-to-use and designed to scale. We can develop any application onboard to let CoreMote adapt to your needs. It embedds every aspect needed for a true professional IoT: security, provisioning, OTA, SIM and data.

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UART SPI I2C SIM Card 2G 3G Lan FOTA OTA TLS MQTT Microsoft Azure Certified

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December 01, 2016 (2 years ago)
1 years
80 celsius (C) 176 fahrenheit (F)
-20 celsius (C) -4 fahrenheit (F)
1 inches (") 2.54 centimeters (cm) 25.4 millimeters (mm)
0.98 inches (") 2.49 centimeters (cm) 24.89 millimeters (mm)
0.31 inches (") 0.79 centimeters (cm) 7.87 millimeters (mm)
0.02 pounds (lb) 9.07 grams (g) 0.32 ounce (oz)
CE, FCC, Microsoft Azure
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