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 Open website
With WolkSensor you can easily detect Movement* and measure Air Temperature, Air Pressure and Air Humidity.

*Movement sensor detects physical movement of the WolkSensor itself.
The measured data are stored on the server and are easily accessible via WolkSense web and mobile applications from anywhere - anytime.
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3xAA batteries
50 celsius (C) 122 fahrenheit (F)
-18 celsius (C) 0 fahrenheit (F)
3.35 inches (") 8.51 centimeters (cm) 85.09 millimeters (mm)
3.15 inches (") 8 centimeters (cm) 80.01 millimeters (mm)
0.98 inches (") 2.49 centimeters (cm) 24.89 millimeters (mm)
0.35 pounds (lb) 158.76 grams (g) 5.6 ounce (oz)
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