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Cisco Hardware Wireless Controllers

Wireless Controllers

Wireless Controllers
Wireless Controllers
Wireless Controllers
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Cisco 5508 Wireless Controllers deliver reliable performance, enhanced flexibility, and zero service-loss for mission-critical wireless.
Interactive multimedia applications, such as voice and video, can now perform flawlessly over the wireless network, and clients can conveniently roam with no service interruption. Flexible licensing allows you to easily add access point support or premium software features.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
4.4 inches (") 11.18 centimeters (cm) 111.76 millimeters (mm)
43.9 inches (") 111.51 centimeters (cm) 1,115.06 millimeters (mm)
53.8 inches (") 136.65 centimeters (cm) 1,366.52 millimeters (mm)
9,090.90 pounds (lb) 4,082.33 grams (g) 144 ounce (oz)
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