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Cisco Hardware Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags

Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags - AeroScout T2 Tag

Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags
Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags
Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags
Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags
Proximity & Presence
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The AeroScout T2 Tag is an advanced Wi-Fi based Active RFID tag on the market, from the company that originated the Wi-Fi tag industry.
AeroScout tag messages can be received and processed by
standard wireless access points as well as AeroScout Location
Receivers, keeping infrastructure costs low and installation
simple. AeroScout MobileView, the system’s enterprise software
layer, allows end users to utilize location data from the T2 tags
to improve business processes and better utilize assets.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
90 Day Limited Warranty (not including battery)
1.7 inches (") 4.32 centimeters (cm) 43.18 millimeters (mm)
6.2 inches (") 15.75 centimeters (cm) 157.48 millimeters (mm)
4 inches (") 10.16 centimeters (cm) 101.6 millimeters (mm)
35 pounds (lb) 15,875.72 grams (g) 560 ounce (oz)
FCC Part 15, sub-part C class B, sub-part B, EN 300-328, EN 300-330, EN 301-489, RSS 210 (Canada), ARIB STD-T66 (Japan), ARIB STD-33 (Japan), MIC (Korea)
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