CalAmp Hardware Viper Communication Device

Viper Communication Device - Viper SC+

Viper Communication Device
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The CalAmp Viper SC+ is an intelligent, point-to-multipoint bridge or router for licensed narrowband spectrum holders.
The ruggedized Viper SC+ reliably delivers faster data speeds to support telemetry and SCADA applications in bandwidths ranging from 6.25 kHz to 100 kHz. Flexible for long-distance applications, this software-programmable router is fast, secure and intelligent.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
5.4 inches (") 13.72 centimeters (cm) 137.16 millimeters (mm)
14 inches (") 35.56 centimeters (cm) 355.6 millimeters (mm)
10.8 inches (") 27.43 centimeters (cm) 274.32 millimeters (mm)
1,090.90 pounds (lb) 453.59 grams (g) 16 ounce (oz)
FCC, IC, UL Class I Div II, ROHS2 Compliant
Utility Company Saves $1M With Wireless Communications
Utility Company Saves $1M With Wireless Communications
PacifiCorp needed to monitor a 10-mile stretch of canal near the North Umpqua River 24/7 to prevent environmental damage. A reliable solar powered communications device with a small enough footprint to fit inside protective cabinets needed to be managed remotely when engineers are not available to make adjustments to the device directly.
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