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The network-enabled ConnectCore for i.MX53 is a highly integrated and future-proof system-on-module (SoM) solution based on the new NXP/Freescale i.MX53 application processor with a high performance 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core, wired and wireless connectivity, powerful 1080p/720p video encoding/decoding capabilities, dual-CAN bus interface and a complete set of peripherals.
The ConnectCore for i.MX53 modules combine industry-leading performance, low power consumption and easy design integration with key features like integrated power management IC, on-chip multimedia support, including multi-format 1080p video hardware decoding, 2D/3D graphics acceleration, dual display/camera interface, hardware encryption engine, 802.11abgn Wi-Fi interface (150 Mbps), Bluetooth 4.0 with HDP support, dual 10/100 Ethernet option, dual-CAN bus, SATA II storage interface and a comprehensive set of additional peripherals.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
0.7 inches (") 1.78 centimeters (cm) 17.78 millimeters (mm)
5 inches (") 12.7 centimeters (cm) 127 millimeters (mm)
8.2 inches (") 20.83 centimeters (cm) 208.28 millimeters (mm)
Wireless Module Transforms NASA Robot into Space Station Crew
Wireless Module Transforms NASA Robot into Space Station Crew
The second-generation Robonaut, Robonaut 2 is a torso bolted to a pedestal and is connected to the station with wires for power and control. NASA wanted a solution to make the robot wireless so that it can move freely throughout the station and be more useful, and save astronauts' precious time.
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