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Synap IoT Hardware Synap IoT Decibel Sensor
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Synap IoT Decibel Sensor - SO-006-1

Synap IoT
Synap IoT Decibel Sensor
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Synap IoT Sound Sensor

With our Sensor Operating System, you can install an Internet of Things sensor in only a few minutes therefore getting started with an IoT Sensor has never been more easy. Once you have unboxed the sensor and plugged in the power, you are only a few steps away from receiving the data in your Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Microsoft Azure Certified Hardware IoT Sensor

This specific IoT Sensor can be used in many different environments. You can use this sensor to measure sound as Decibel DB. The data output from the sensor can be used to operate ventilation systems etc. But because the Sensor is not watertight, please do not use it in an outdoor environment, but only indoor.

This sensors is used to meassure sound levels or noice in the following areas:

  • Productions areas
  • Schools
  • Kindergardens
  • Offices
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April 01, 2018 (1 year ago)
5 Volt
1 year
60 celsius (C) 140 fahrenheit (F)
-10 celsius (C) 14 fahrenheit (F)
1 inches (") 2.54 centimeters (cm) 25.4 millimeters (mm)
3 inches (") 7.62 centimeters (cm) 76.2 millimeters (mm)
3 inches (") 7.62 centimeters (cm) 76.2 millimeters (mm)
0.55 pounds (lb) 249.48 grams (g) 8.8 ounce (oz)
FCC and CE
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