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Sunbird Router
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The Eseye Sunbird ES2143 Dual SIM Router within coverage of a cellular network ensures continuation of service at all times.
The Eseye Sunbird router has access and management for all mobile networks globally, dual-SIM router, including optional external and embedded SIMs, AnyNet™ SIM fallback for post installation management and reconfiguration, profile based access for mobile network operator preference setting, 4 RJ45 Connections, integrated GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPDA interface, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPDA or Ethernet WAN and comprehensive IP QOS.
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Improving connectivity to remote areas with Rennicks MTS
Improving connectivity to remote areas with Rennicks MTS
Rennicks’ solutions experienced issues with communications in Scotland, where poor network coverage in remote locations was causing problems for some of its Variable Message Signs (VMS). Loss of connectivity meant more site visits had to be made to manually adjust signs, which was proving to be costly while the root cause of the problem was not being addressed.
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