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Solair Gateway

Solair (Microsoft)
Solair Gateway
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Structural Health Monitoring
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The Solair smart gateway is an industrial-grade smart device that provides communications, computation power and a lightweight, flexible application framework for Solair's IoT platform integration.
Solair gateway enables several capacities: collecting, storing and processing sensor data at the edge of the network, streamlining safe bidirectional communication between the field and the cloud, ensuring that only meaningful data is sent into the cloud, enabling local intelligence and performance optimization.
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IoT for Civil Architecture and Artistic Monuments
IoT for Civil Architecture and Artistic Monuments
Some public works, civil and heritage buildings have challenges in detecting abnormal structure movements in real time to maintain control of critical structure points, logging and analyzing data of all the structural properties to identify anomalies and accessing promptly to the data without the need of an on-site intervention.
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
The application arises from the need to monitor and anticipate the problems of one or more machines managed by a PLC. These problems, often resulting from the accumulation over time of small discrepancies, require, when they occur, ex post technical operations maintenance.
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