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Reverse vending machine

Reverse vending machine

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An innovative solution for collecting empty beverage containers at the source.

Possible for users to preserve and to collect the waste separately and cleanly at the point that the waste occurs by throwing the recyclable material like plastic , glass bottles or aluminum beverage cans into the smart machine.
Process Features
• Touch-screen user interface, soft interface which can be updated and changed easily
• Informing via text message/e-mail when storage is full or reaches a certain level
• Modular object recognition system (can read barcodes, control weight and recognise objects)
• Security against intentional harm and anti-fraud system

Web Monitoring
• Connect to the interface for online tracking (anywhere with an Internet connection)
• Monitors storage levels, waste counts and last transactions
• Display reports and statistics
• Indicates machines on map and receive status information (remotely switch on/off)

Smart Camera
• CCD sensors
• Electronic recognition systems evaluate object and compares with existing models in databas
• Determines if the material is recyclable.

70 inches (") 177.8 centimeters (cm) 1,778.00 millimeters (mm)
39 inches (") 99.06 centimeters (cm) 990.6 millimeters (mm)
35 inches (") 88.9 centimeters (cm) 889 millimeters (mm)
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