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BAE Systems
Smart Glasses & Headsets
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The Q-Sight family is a new line of helmet display products developed by BAE Systems. Using patented holographic quantum technology, the Q-Sight family employs a revolutionary means of moving light using holographic waveguides.
The Q-Sight family offers a modular approach to providing pilots with heads-up and eyes-out capability, delivering mission-critical situational awareness with significant improvements in weight, cost, flexibility, simplicity, and optical performance.

Weighing less than four ounces, with no bulky projection optics and no undesirable center-of-gravity issues, the Q-Sight helmet-mounted display systems offers maximum pilot safety and comfort. The lightweight, miniature display clips to any standard helmet, allowing the pilot to “plug-and-play” any Q-Sight system with current hardware. Q-Sight technology features a larger exit pupil for pilot viewing and seamless transitions between day and night, increasing pilot situational awareness and mission capability. The increased visibility and lightweight design minimizes eye and neck strain, which is a common problem for pilots managing the demands of longer missions and increasingly complex rules of engagement. The decreased size and weight of the display also allows the pilot complete freedom of movement within the cockpit.
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