Speedshield Technologies Hardware O.E.M. Industrial Telemetry Products
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O.E.M. Industrial Telemetry Products

Speedshield Technologies
O.E.M. Industrial Telemetry Products
Heavy Vehicle
Fleet Management
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CANBus vehicle integration capability for plug and play installations
Analogue and digital IO for vehicle integration
Safety interlocks
Inbuilt 3-axis impact sensing
Integrates with operator swipe card accessories
Wi-Fi and GSM Telemetry Communication
Access to Level 1 reporting
Two wire CAN Bus port hardware layer compliant to J1939, and CANOpen
Two wire CAN Bus auxiliary port (level 2 or 3 device port)
External RS-232 port
Quad-band GPRS modem or 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi modem
Three axis accelerometer (impact sensor)
Ten (0 – 15V) variable voltage and frequency inputs tolerate to 100V
Real time clock
Two processor controlled relays
Two processor controlled 12V digital outputs
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How to Connect & Take Control
How to Connect & Take Control
Customers have very similar challenges nowadays. Cost saving is high on the agenda as is safety. Common themes under customers with Materials Handling Equipment are; how to make sure that they stay within contracted hours but not under use the equipment. Another point is out of contract cost caused by misuse of equipment. We from Hyster like to help our customers to find a solution that fits your organization. With Hyster Tracker we are able to track your trucks and help to save you money. General savings can be up to 20% spread across different parts of the business. For example with the digital operator checklists which saves time and reduces the paper hassle. Or with the rotation of equipment when we see underutilization in one place and over usage in another, based on the telemetry data.
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