NetApp Hardware NetApp Storage System FAS6240
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NetApp Storage System FAS6240

NetApp Storage System FAS6240
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NetApp FAS6200 Series storage systems are designed to deliver superior availability and proven performance to satisfy the most demanding workloads. The leading NetApp flash portfolio integrates with the FAS6200, letting you put flash where you need it: in controllers, arrays, or servers. FAS6200 gives you agility to meet changing application requirements without re-architecting your storage.
NetApp FAS6200 achieve nondisruptive operations. Clustered Data ONTAP software eliminates planned downtime for upgrades and system changes. Advanced risk detection lets you resolve issues before they affect availability. NetApp FAS6200 delivers impact faster. Self managing Virtual Storage Tier flsh technologies drive more IOPS with lower latency, and reduce by up to 75% the spindles needed for a given level of performance.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
2,047.00 inches (") 5,199.38 centimeters (cm) 51,993.80 millimeters (mm)
1,760.00 inches (") 4,470.40 centimeters (cm) 44,704.00 millimeters (mm)
24 inches (") 60.96 centimeters (cm) 609.6 millimeters (mm)
246 pounds (lb) 111,583.63 grams (g) 3,936.00 ounce (oz)
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