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Meshlium - IoT Gateway

Meshlium - IoT Gateway
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Meshlium is a Linux router which works as the Gateway of the Waspmote Sensor Networks. It can contain 5 different radio
interfaces: Wifi 2.4GHz, Wifi 5GHz, 3G/GPRS, Bluetooth and ZigBee. As well as this Meshlium can also integrate a GPS module
for mobile and vehicular applications and be solar and battery powered. These features along with an aluminium IP65
enclosure allows Meshlium to be placed anywhere outdoor.
Meshlium can work as:
• a ZigBee to Ethernet router for Waspmote nodes *
• a ZigBee to 3G/GPRS router for Waspmote nodes *
• a Wifi Access Point
• a Wifi Mesh node (dual band 2.4GHz-5GHz)
• a Wifi to 3G/GPRS router
• a Bluetooth scanner and analyzer
• a GPS-3G/GPRS realtime tracker
• a Smartphone scanner (detects iPhone and Android devices)
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