Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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The Intel® LTE IOT Quick Deployment (Intel® LIQD) Program is an initiative designed for LTE network operators to enable their enterprise customers to rapidly deploy IoT platform services and devices at scale.
The XPi has a processor, a communications module and sensors all rolled into one. The sensors can be configured to measure a wide range of variables including temperature, humidity, acceleration, ambient light intensity, atmospheric pressure and coordinates. In addition, there will also be an expansion slot for additional sensors or components that allows for customization based on customer requirements.

The XPi board is housed in Sonim Technologies' ultra-rugged IP65-rated design which ensures that the device can survive the most demanding of industrial environments in transportation, logistics, agriclture and construction applications.

This first board will use LTE Category 1, a low-power protocol for IoT that’s capped at 10Mbps (bit-per-second) downloads and 5Mbps uploads.

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June 01, 2017 (2 years ago)
IP65 Grade Material
85 celsius (C) 185 fahrenheit (F)
-40 celsius (C) -40 fahrenheit (F)
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