Kalewa Hardware Kalewa NB-Iot smart lock

Kalewa NB-Iot smart lock - KLW-G802 NB

Kalewa NB-Iot smart lock
Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
Equipment & Machinery
Logistics & Warehousing
Process Control & Optimization
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 Open website

It is widely used in situations where a large number of keys are needed, mainly for the management of financial money boxes, the security inspection of outdoor equipment in the power system, the management of various container doors, the management of oil tank vehicle pipe mouth, the management of container doors and the security intelligent lock control management of the warehouse. While satisfying the security and convenience, it has very strong extensibility. It can customize different lock control solutions according to the differences of application scenarios and requirements of various industries. It can fully support the information interaction between products. In addition, the lock body can be connected with the APP to facilitate the view of records and location tracking at any time.

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Warehouse, goods transportation management
Warehouse, goods transportation management
Courier delivery enterprises need intelligent locks for terminal authorization unlock,  check and control through the unlock record. 
EVRYTHING Leverages Blockchain For Consumer Product Brands
EVRYTHING Leverages Blockchain For Consumer Product Brands
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