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ABB Hardware IRB 6700

IRB 6700

IRB 6700
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This 7th generation of large ABB robots features a multitude of next generation improvements derived from intimate customer relationships and exhaustive engineering studies. The IRB 6700 is more robust than its predecessor and maintenance has been simplified, making it the highest performing robot for the lowest total cost of ownership in the 150-300 kg class.
Increased service intervals and decreased service times
Longer uptime—mean time between failures 400,000 hours
Available with Lean ID for cost effectively increasing dress pack lifetimes
More robust with a rigid structure and a new generation of motors and compact gearboxes
Increased speed and shorter cycle times—on average 5 percent faster
Improved accuracy and higher payloads
Built to operate in the harshest environments—available with Foundry Plus 2 package
15 percent lower power consumption
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