ABB Hardware IRB 6700 - Robot for Harsh Environments

IRB 6700 - Robot for Harsh Environments

IRB 6700 - Robot for Harsh Environments
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A new world of possibilities opens up with ABB’s new IRB 6600 robot family. It comes in several versions, with different lengths of the arm and matching handling capacities.
Upper arm extenders and different wrist modules will allow customization to each process. As the robot can bend fully backwards, the working range is greatly extended and the robot fits well into dense production lines. Typical application areas are spot welding, material handling, and machine tending.

A built-in Service Information System monitors the motion and load of the machine and optimizes service requirements by itself

A range of software products have been added – all falling under the umbrella designation of Active Safety – to protect not only personnel in the unlikely event of an accident, but also the robot itself.

Collision detection, which reduces the collision force substantially, is especially useful on robots handling high payloads.

An Electronically Stabilized Path will ensure that
the robot will maintain its planned path to its best capability considering acceleration, drag, gravity and inertia. This feature is secured through our TrueMove.
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Plastic Spoons Case study: Injection Moulding
Plastic Spoons Case study: Injection Moulding
In order to meet customer expectations by supplying a wide variety of packaging units, from 36 to 1000 spoons per package, a new production and packaging line needed to be built. DeSter wanted to achieve higher production capacity, lower cycle time and a high degree of operator friendliness with this new production line.
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