Eaton Hardware Environmental Monitoring Probe

Environmental Monitoring Probe

Environmental Monitoring Probe
Thermal, Heat & Temperature
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The powerware Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) is a connectivity device that allows clients to remotely monitor the temperature, humidity, and status of two contact devices via a standard Web browser, providing greater power management control and fle
When the EMP is plugged into the ConnectUPS Card communication port, temperature and humidity readings are automatically displayed on the ConnectUPS Card Summary page. If enabled, the status of the external contact devices is also displayed on the Summary
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
2-year Limited Warrenty
2.9 inches (") 7.37 centimeters (cm) 73.66 millimeters (mm)
5.8 inches (") 14.73 centimeters (cm) 147.32 millimeters (mm)
3.8 inches (") 9.65 centimeters (cm) 96.52 millimeters (mm)
33.7 pounds (lb) 15,286.05 grams (g) 539.2 ounce (oz)
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