MOXA Hardware EDS-510E


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The EDS-510E Gigabit managed Ethernet switch is designed to meet rigorous mission critical applications, such as factory automation, ITS and process control. The 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports allows great flexibility to build up a Gigabit redundant Turbo Ring and a Gigabit uplink. The switch adopts USB interfaces for switch configuration, system file backup, and firmware upgrade, making it easier to manage.
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Input Voltage: 12/24/48/-48 VDC, redundant dual inputs
5 years
60 celsius (C) 140 fahrenheit (F)
-10 celsius (C) 14 fahrenheit (F)
5.31 inches (") 13.49 centimeters (cm) 134.87 millimeters (mm)
4.57 inches (") 11.61 centimeters (cm) 116.08 millimeters (mm)
3.11 inches (") 7.9 centimeters (cm) 78.99 millimeters (mm)
3.72 pounds (lb) 1,687.36 grams (g) 59.52 ounce (oz)
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