MOXA Hardware DA-662A


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The DA-662A RISC-based, ready-to-run embedded computers are designed for industrial data acquisition applications. The computers have 8 to 16 RS-232/422/485 serial ports, 4 Ethernet ports, and 2 USB 2.0 ports, all based on the MoxaMacro communication processor. In addition, the DA-662A-I-8/16-LX’s serial ports come with high level interference protection. The housing is a standard 1U, 19-inch wide rack-mounted rugged enclosure.

The robust, rack-mountable mechanism design provides the hardened protection needed for industrial environment applications, and makes it easy for users to install the DA-662A computers on a standard 19-inch rackmount. The DA-662A computers are ideal for applications that require a distributed embedded technology, such as SCADA systems, plant floor automation, and power electricity monitoring applications
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100 to 240 VAC auto ranging (47 to 63 Hz for AC input)
5 years
60 celsius (C) 140 fahrenheit (F)
-10 celsius (C) 14 fahrenheit (F)
17.32 inches (") 43.99 centimeters (cm) 439.93 millimeters (mm)
9.33 inches (") 23.7 centimeters (cm) 236.98 millimeters (mm)
1.77 inches (") 4.5 centimeters (cm) 44.96 millimeters (mm)
9.46 pounds (lb) 4,290.98 grams (g) 151.36 ounce (oz)
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