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Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage solution that enables IT organizations and cloud service providers to store, share, sync, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system. It is more efficient, easier to use, and capable of handling much more data than traditional file storage solutions. Content Platform automates day-to-day IT operations like data protection and readily envolves to changes in scale, scope, applications, storage, server and cloud technologies over the life of data. In IT environments where data grows quickly or must live for years, decades or even indefinitely, these capabilities are invaluable.
Strong Security
- Control Access in Multitenant Environments
- Secure Data With Built-In Encryption
- Satisfy Today’s Compliance Demands; Adapt for the Future
- Safeguard Data With Multiple Data Protection Options

Advanced Intelligence
- Automated Data Placement and Tiering
- Advanced Metadata Features and Tools
- Intelligent Archiving Capabilities

Agility and Flexibility
- Support Traditional and Next-Generation Workloads
- Mobilize Data With Integrated Cloud Gateways and File Sync and Share
- Deliver Unique Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud Storage Services
- Securely Connect to Your Choice of Public Cloud

Scalability and Efficiency
- Scale Cloud Storage From Terabytes to Hundreds of Petabytes
- Multiple Application Support With One Solution
- Economical Deep-Data Storage and Protection
- Built-In Efficiency, Data Protection and Automation Tools
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Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi) - Global Manufacturers Improve Yield by 90 Percent
Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi) - Global Manufacturers Improve Yield by 90 Percent
The company’s polymer mixing process was producing output of inconsistent quality, with yields sometimes dipping as low as 50% or 60%. The scrapping of poor batches created huge costs and was crippling production capacity. The root cause was traced to ever-changing product specifications, in addition to variations in a range of production parameters. Production engineers were unable to stabilize the process using traditional approaches as mixing polymer was stubbornly unstable and each new product formulation only exacerbated the problem. To solve this issue, this global manufacturer needed a solution that provided the following capabilities: • Ingest and integrate Internet of Things (IoT) data from machinery, sensors, the environment and other sources • Discover the critical factors and optimal process parameters through correlation, visual analysis, and optimization algorithms • Provide deep process insight, enabling daily decision support and continuous improvement • Dynamically and continuously optimize the process through machine learning
Redefines Data Mobility for Kremsmuller Industrieanlagenbau KG
Redefines Data Mobility for Kremsmuller Industrieanlagenbau KG
“The demands made on modern IT environments that guarantee access to company data from any location, at any time, have risen dramatically within a few years,” says Gregor Kremsmüller, CMO and executive board member of Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG. The challenge was to share business data securely. High data mobility is necessary to transfer data between branches (Romania, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Turkey), suppliers and customers. Recognizing that data mobility is a critical success factor for business, Kremsmüller opted to continue its successful cooperation with Hitachi Data Systems to construct the solution.
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