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Cisco Blade Server
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The Cisco UCS B460 M4 Blade Server provides outstanding performance and enterprise-critical stability for memory-intensive workloads such as large-scale databases, in-memory analytics, and business intelligence.
The Cisco UCS B460 M4 server harnesses the power of the Intel Xeon E7 v3 processor product family and accelerates access to critical data. It offers: easy integration into UCS Managed server environments, Cisco SingleConnect technology for one simplified link for rack servers, blade servers, and virtual machines, six mezzanine connectors providing vast I/O expandability and industry leading performance, features, and reliability, availability, and serviceability capabilities. In addition, Cisco UCS provides the fabric-centric, architectural advantage of not having to purchase, power, cool, and maintain excess switches and interface cards in each Cisco UCS blade chassis. As a result, customers get exceptional expandability and versatility in using Cisco UCS blade servers.
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January 01, 2014 (5 years ago)
90-day Standard Hardware Warranty
4 inches (") 10.16 centimeters (cm) 101.6 millimeters (mm)
17 inches (") 43.18 centimeters (cm) 431.8 millimeters (mm)
26 inches (") 66.04 centimeters (cm) 660.4 millimeters (mm)
66.14 pounds (lb) 30,000.57 grams (g) 1,058.24 ounce (oz)
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