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Cinterion?Connect Shield

Cinterion?Connect Shield
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The Cinterion Connect Shield advances Gemalto's suite of easy-to-use maker boards that combine the flexible and widely used Arduino open source platform with Gemalto’s reliable and highly efficient cellular M2M type connectivity. It comes in both the LTE CAT1 and NB-IoT configurations.

Designed for professional developers, inventors and tinkerers alike, the shield is a powerful tool to simplify hardware and software integration and quickly transform ideas into prototypes in just hours. Mounted to an existing Arduino board, it gives inventors of all levels the opportunity to play in the global cellular ecosystem and experience its benefits, diversity and scalability first hand.
The Connect Shield leverages a Cinterion wireless module designed for highly efficient, low-power IoT applications to deliver optimized bandwidth and performance.

An external ultra-wideband antenna delivers superior signal reception while a basic set of embedded sensors such as temperature and ambient light sensors that allow data monitoring with minimal integration effort. Users with very little hardware expertise can quickly mount the Connect Shield to existing Arduino stacks to enable cellular connectivity.
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