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The TropOS 7320 outdoor mesh router is a full-feature wireless networking platform that delivers high performance in outdoor environments.
Architected to provide maximum flexibility and configurability, the router delivers significant performance increases through support for a next-generation high-sensitivity radio design and the incorporation of patented features of the industry-leading TropOS Mesh OS.
A high-capacity solution capable of simultaneous support for multiple network applications, the TropOS 7320 router is designed to meet the demanding needs of upstream oil and gas, utilities, mining and industrial control systems. The platform provides a reliable communications foundation for deploying multiple, concurrent mission critical applications. The TropOS 7320 can either serve as a gateway interface for capacity injection into the network or as a node to extend or reinforce network connectivity.
Designed for creating or expanding higher-capacity networks, the TropOS 7320 router is a dual-band unit with one 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz radio that supports meshing and client connectivity at both frequencies. The platform provides superior performance and resiliency, and enables the network to be scaled to the highest-capacity configurations through deployment of additional TropOS routers.

The high-capacity unit has two Ethernet ports that can be used to inject capacity into the network and attach client devices such as video cameras or AMI collectors. The Ethernet ports can power devices via Power over Ethernet (PoE).
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