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IoT Sensors Need to be Managed

Published on 03/08/2017 | Operations

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Pankaj Shah



In order to be adopted, the components of the Internet of Things must be manageable, managed and have to be protected from the outside attacks.

The components of the Internet of Things must be manageable and managed in order to be adopted, according to this Gartner report. Specially in light of the revelations of vulnerabilities in commercial networking equipment, such as the recent CERT advisory regarding Netgear routers, CIOs are going to be hesitant of adding to the exposure to hackers with this new class of networked gadgets.

Whether the sensors themselves have management interfaces, or the network infrastructure (edge gateways, wireless access points, ...), the IoT environment consists not just of the data plane, but must consider the management plane.

MIMIC IoT Simulator provides a comprehensive, integrated framework for simulating large IoT environments by providing common network management APIs to simulated devices, such as SNMP, command line interfaces (CLI), Web services, NetFlow, etc.  By combining the required interfaces into your simulation you can exercise your management plane for intrusion detection, fault and performance monitoring while generating desired payloads to your IoT platform for large data analytics and anomaly detection.

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