Localization is a critical success factor in Asian markets. Yet it is not possible without a focused strategy and a clear implementation plan. IoT ONE develops and implements practical strategies to help clients grow their core businesses.

How will your core business sustain revenue and profit growth through the next decade? Most organizations are not built for change. They talk about it but struggle to act. In the meantime, they get left behind.

The world’s most successful organizations take a different path. They reengineer their existing businesses at startup speed, catapulting themselves into new markets and cutting across traditional value streams, while leveraging their core strengths.

This approach is not easy but can create tremendous value. This is why we bring together a global network of experts to evolve existing businesses so they can continue to drive your next generation of growth. We approach every situation by focusing on the underlying business logic first, and technical solutions second. And we work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge.

Growth Services.

Opportunity &
threat mapping
What are the 'unknown unknowns' that exist outside your field of vision? Rapid change disrupts traditional competitive boundaries and value propositions. We investigate markets to identify emerging growth opportunities and unforeseen challenges to your business.
Market Trends
What is the pace of adoption for key use cases, technologies and business models in your markets? Business leaders must discern between the reality and the hype behind emerging technology domains. We monitor innovation and adoption trends to help companies calibrate their investment strategies and define priorities.
Is Asia a high priority growth region for you? If so, you will be launching new offerings that will need to be localized in order to gain traction. The era of soft competition is over. Asia contributes 48% of global GDP today. Asian customers understand their clout and expect products, pricing, and sales approaches that are tailored to them.
What actions are your existing and emerging competitors taking that could impact your business? Competitive boundaries are blurring. IT and OT companies are entering each other's traditional markets. And suppliers are competing with customers in new solution categories. We provide clarity into evolving competitive landscapes.
Which companies are relevant to your growth strategy? Technology ecosystems have never been more dynamic than they are today. We help companies to quickly identify potential innovation partners, sales channels, and investment opportunities through our database of startups, technology leaders, and system integrators.
Are your plans frequently delayed by information gaps or decision bottlenecks? Not all questions can be anticipated in advance. Through our annual retained research subscription service, we provide data and insights on demand so you can move quickly and confidently to implement your strategy.
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Success Cases.

Our Clients.

We are trusted by market leaders and technology specialists.

Siemens - IoT ONE Client
AWS - IoT ONE Client
GE - IoT ONE Client
PTC - IoT ONE Client
RS - IoT ONE Client
Qlik - IoT ONE Client
ePLAN - IoT ONE Client
Bayer - IoT ONE Client
covestro - IoT ONE Client
TÜV SÜD - IoT ONE Client
Lenze - IoT ONE Client
BASF - IoT ONE Client
Evonik - IoT ONE Client
Fischer - IoT ONE Client
Körber - IoT ONE Client
Lenovo - IoT ONE Client
L'Oréal - IoT ONE Client
Mann+Hummel - IoT ONE Client
Michelin - IoT ONE Client
Rehau - IoT ONE Client
Sberbank - IoT ONE Client
SKF - IoT ONE Client
VOITH - IoT ONE Client

and many more…

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