Companies need to upgrade their internal capabilities in order to enable digital transformation. We provide trainings, management workshops, and “Learn & Do” competence development programs.

Digital expertise is a rare and valuable commodity. It is not possible for companies to employ experts in every domain that matters to them. IoT ONE Exchange makes accessing experts easy by providing a menu of trainings, workshops and programs that you can choose from. Procurement and program management is coordinated by us, while programs are delivered by practitioners with deep subject matter expertise.

Our experts have expertise in topics such as IoT, AI, e-commerce, drones, digital twins, blockchain, and digital mindset development. They speak over ten languages and are based in over twenty countries so you can find the right competence development partner.

Exchange Services.

Digital Competence Training
Is your organization prepared to succeed in a more digitalized future? We work with domain experts to design training programs that help managers and their teams to build a change mindset, and then back it up with the digital competencies they need to solve practical business challenges using new tools and approaches.
Transformation Workshops
Does your management team understand how to use digital tools to build competitiveness? Companies must augment their business models and operations for the changing business landscape. Our workshops are led by experienced practitioners who guide practical discussions that kickstart digital transformation.
Learn & Do
Sprint Program
Are you seeking to accelerate your organization's digital readiness? Our Learn & Do methodology allows teams to build digital competence while applying learnings immediately to identify opportunities with tangible business value. The direct connection to daily business is proven to increase knowledge retention and motivation.
Virtual Learning Expeditions
Do you need to open the eyes of your team to digital possibilities? Go straight to the source. We host virtual learning expeditions with technology startups and experts to answer your key questions and identify potential solutions. We moderate discussions to ensure that they provide practical insight into topics that you prioritize.
the Trainer
Do you need to scale digital competence training across an organization of hundred or thousands of employees? We train your internal trainers to apply our methodologies, tools, and content so they can act as multipliers. Our mobile training application can also be customized with your content and white labelled for internal use.
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Our Clients.

We are trusted by market leaders and technology specialists.

AWS - IoT ONE Client
GE - IoT ONE Client
PTC - IoT ONE Client
RS - IoT ONE Client
Qlik - IoT ONE Client
ePLAN - IoT ONE Client
Bayer - IoT ONE Client
covestro - IoT ONE Client
TÜV SÜD - IoT ONE Client
Lenze - IoT ONE Client
BASF - IoT ONE Client
Evonik - IoT ONE Client
Fischer - IoT ONE Client
Körber - IoT ONE Client
Lenovo - IoT ONE Client
L'Oréal - IoT ONE Client
Mann+Hummel - IoT ONE Client
Michelin - IoT ONE Client
Rehau - IoT ONE Client
Sberbank - IoT ONE Client
SKF - IoT ONE Client
VOITH - IoT ONE Client

and many more...

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