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United States
Discovery World 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202
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CypherCon 2.0 is our second year as a Wisconsin hacker conference established to form a distinct centralized symposium for the Wisconsin technological community. This conference provides hackers with an outlet to openly demonstrate and experience creativity and ingenuity through enlightening and thought provoking presentations and technical projects. We also strive for the betterment of security awareness in the general public in a diligent, loyal, and honest manner. We will accomplish this by being the interchange of knowledge and ideas and advancing the industry forward while never forgetting our cultural hacker past. Anyone is welcome.


The puzzlemaster offers you a new challenge for jogging your memories from CypherCon 1.0 : Can you solve it? oh right, maybe you need some Cards? Or Letters? or Numbers? or Keys? Solve the puzzle, get no prize, but understand more of what may be – will be – has to be! … Continued


A mysterious new digital wizard has been seen around the CypherCon websites. He has five coins, one available now and four available as time grants. Can you find the coin, solve the mystery and post the answer in the comment below? (Prizes for solving all 5 coins!) Coin 1: Available (search the sites) Coin 2: Available … Continued


Who needs bender when you have zoidberg? Discover within the mind of zoidberg that hides zoidberg in a zoidberg fake coin. It is not a traditional puzzle coin from the wizard’s coin series… it’s something more!
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