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Events China China Intelligent Building Summit 2019

China Intelligent Building Summit 2019

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China Intelligent Building Summit 2019
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Nowadays, people would spend most of their times in building, no matter working, living or entertainment. In this case, to stay in a comfortable, safe and user-friendly building is very important to everyone. Modernization brings conveniences to people’s life, but also along with some environment problems. People now hope to use some advanced technologies to increase building intelligence, improve people’s living comfort and security, and achieve eco-friendly.

According to Market Sandmarkets, the intelligent building (IB) market is expected to grow from an USD 7.42 Billion to USD 31.74 (2017-2019). The key enablers of intelligent building development include: IoT, AI, Big Data, Cloud, building automation system and other building materials innovation. As the development of smart cities, Asia will be one of the fast developing areas of intelligent buildings.

The China Intelligent Building Summit 2019 will bring together about 150+ intelligent building industry experts and senior executives to discuss the advanced technologies, and provide the most insightful suggestions to the current challenges and barriers.

More than that, this event will be an ideal platform for you to gain the latest market intelligence, seek for the business opportunities.


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