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Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference

Redcarpet365 Ltd
Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference
International Convention City Bashundhara - ICCB
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EVENT PROFILE: After getting tremendous response in the 1st edition RedCarpet365 Ltd is organizing 2nd Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference, to be held from 24 to 26 September 2020 at Int’l Convention City Bashundhara - ICCB, Dhaka – Bangladesh. The expo will feature main aspects that needed to settle up a smart city includes: Urban Planning, IoT, Fintech, Smart Device, Sustainable Development, Cyber Security, Environment, Smart Energy, Construction & Technology. The recent introduction of online shopping, UBER, Pathao etc in transport sector, online ticket purchase,  BKASH / Rocket for money transaction has given us a taste of Smart / Digital City. Due to development of both urbanization and ICT and economic growth contributed to increase well-being, mainly in the greater urban areas and the NEXT STEP is to evolve SMART CITY.

Our last edition got endorsement & support from Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC).  On the other hand, These Exhibitions were Endorsed by Bangladesh Solar & Renewable Energy Association (BSREA) and National Housing Authority (NHA). PricewaterhouseCoopers Bangladesh Pvt Ltd has become our Knowledge Partner.  The Strategic Partners for these exhibitions were Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB), Dhaka Mass Transit Co., Ltd (DMTCL), House Building Research Institute (HBRI) and Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC). We have also incorporated foreign partners with this expo, from India - Infosec Foundation has become the Cyber Community Partner and Cyber Security Malaysia is the Cyber Security Partner of SmartCity Expo. Ngage360 Ltd was the Promotion Partner and Bangladesh Innovation Forum was the Innovation Partner of Smart City expo.

We have also witnessed Government leaders, city administrators, urban planners, architects, industry experts, NGO’s, other countries, ICT and other technology organizations, buildings, construction, energy, transportation, water industries, organizations - involved in improving city infrastructure relevant to creating smart and sustainable areas from Home & Abroad joined these mega exhibitions.

Bangladesh's GDP grew 7.2% at FY 2018 – 19 and became 2nd fastest growing economy. The Social & Economic development of Bangladesh sees huge progress in recent years. The contribution of Cities to GDP in Bangladesh is 60% and Dhaka city is contributing 30% alone. There is no alternate to keep the cities active and productive for sake of economy. Some of those cities are struggling to survive but on the other hand some of the cities transformed to SMART CITIES. These Smart Cities need proper urban planning, sustainable development, environment, energy grid, economic development, technologies, social participation etc.

These cities are often linking together technological informational transformations with economic, political and socio-cultural change and integration and adaption. Smart City is a broad concept including many aspects of urban life, such as urban planning, sustainable development, environment, energy grid, economic development, technologies, social participation, and so on; therefore, also the word smart assumes a large range of meanings, linked with its different field of application.

This exhibition will also focus on the untapped sectors that important for Bangladesh to Sustain the Economic & Social development. Besides, the participants will be able to identify business contacts with prospect of entering into subsequent business negotiations, So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and use above discussed opportunities by Bangladesh Smart City Expo & Conference 2020.


Smart Energy

Renewable Energy; clean energy; solar energy; LPG, Gas gen; Smart Grid Technologies; Solar LED’s, Solar & wind energy storage, Smart Power & Energy etc.

Urban Planning

City planners / architects / buildings / skywalks / walkways / cycle tracks / BRTs / parks / play-grounds / hospitals / educational institutions / street lighting, etc.

Smart Communication

Mobile Apps; Mobile Networks;  Communication Infrastructure; Social Network; Communication Devices; Ecommerce; Data Management; Smart device etc.

Smart Water

Water harvesting; Water purification and treatment; Water saving devices; Water pollution monitoring; Water management systems; Water utilities; Wastewater management; Waste treatment and equipment etc.

Smart Living

Home Controllers; Sensors;  Smart Lighting; Home Appliance; Smart Locks, Door & Window; Furniture; Smart Climate Controls; Smart Accessories etc.

IoT – Internet of Things

App Development, AI, Cloud Services, Connectivity Modules, Data Analytics, Data Science, Industrial IoT,  IoT Solutions, M2M Solutions, Robotics, Smart lighting, Telecommunications, Wearables etc.

Cyber Security

Products and solutions for Cyber & IT security including: Physical IT security, Services/ consulting/ research in IT security, Access Control & Biometrics, Surveillance & CCTV, Cyber Security, PA Systems etc

Smart Construction

Building Materials; Construction Companies; Construction Equipment & Tools; Steel Building & Metal Structure; Earthquake and disaster management; Elevators / escalators / autowalks; Fire & Safety; Flooring/Floor Systems; Paints and wall finishes; Smart / Green buildings; Smart Lighting; Toilets & sanitation; Waste Management; improved indoor air quality; etc.

Smart Education

Smart Governance

Smart Health

FINTECH / Smart Payment

Online Payment Gateway; E wallet; Digital Payment Systems; Mobile Banking; ATM; Credit Card; Debit Card; Online Payment Portals  etc.

Sustainable Environment

Air, land and water pollution controls; Water and waste water management; Solar applications; Battery recycling; Air pollution control; Green buildings; Waste management / recycling etc.

Smart Transport

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles; Alternative Fuels Vehicles; Connected / Autonomous Vehicles; Public Transportation; Traffic Control Rooms; Smart Parking; Intelligent Transport Systems; Autonomous vehicles; Aviation, Ride Sharing  etc.

Smart Device & Gadget

Mobile Device, Laptops, Computers, accessories, Smart Watch, Technology, Robotics, Sustainable Resource Management; ICT Infrastructure; Online Store, Data Management etc.

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