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ThingWorx (PTC) Case Studies TU Darmstadt students make packing smart with ThingWorx

TU Darmstadt students make packing smart with ThingWorx

ThingWorx (PTC)
TU Darmstadt students make packing smart with ThingWorx
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An Advanced Design Project toward IoT was open to a handful of
undergraduate students in TU Darmstadt from various backgrounds. The team’s goal was to develop an IoT solution by semester’s end.

Based on their personal experience and the survey results—which told them 85% of people had forgotten to pack something important on a trip—they decided to apply the IoT to the world of travel. Armed with ThingWorx and PTC University eLearning Libraries, they began to develop the project idea and scope.
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TU Darmstadt- located in Darmstadt, Germany-registered for the PTC IoT Academic Program and gained free access to ThingWorx, an application development platform, and supporting curriculum to help bring the students’ IoT ideas to life.
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Haag’s students decided to leverage Internet of Things technology to prove the concept of a smart suitcase. They chose to develop an app to enable a suitcase—via a scanner that can read QR codes—to recognize its contents and help its owner better plan their travel.

The concept rested on the assumption that in the future, clothing manufacturers will tag their wares with unique codes, allowing a smart suitcase to read its contents and know what is missing. That forecast was supported by the project team’s survey, which found that 75% of university students would not object to having ID tags on their clothes.

To demonstrate the possibilities, the project team created a digital version of a typical wardrobe, then fed that data into ThingWorx and used the IoT platform to create a mashup that showcased the capabilities of their proposed smart suitcase. The ThingWorx mashup acts as an inventory manager for the traveler—ensuring that all the clothes he or she intends to pack end up in the suitcase.

To get a free demo of ThingWorx 8:
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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User-friendly interface of ThingWorx reduces the complexity of building IoT applications, empower entrepreneurs and students to develop their ideas
The team was able to develop their project scope and challenges and quickly get up to speed in ThingWorx. developing mashups for an Android device in only a month and a half.
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