Tech Mahindra Case Studies Transform raw data into profitable insights

Transform raw data into profitable insights

Tech Mahindra
Transform raw data into profitable insights
Equipment & Machinery
Quality Assurance
Process Control & Optimization (PCO)

Low data quality, stewardship and governance. Limitation of source system capability. Issues in business process harmonization,standardization.

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Africa's largest multi brand retailer with 1200+outlets and having more than 10Bn USD as revenue

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REIMS(Retail Enterprise Information Management System) REIMS from Tech Mahindra, is a comprehensive solution for business intelligence in the retail sector. It is cloud and mobile enabled solution for Business Analytics on the move.It is a complete solution, combining data cleansing,verification,loading,deployable data marts and a flexible data model.

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Buying Habits, Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Visits, Human Behavior, Supply Chain Optimization
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Reduce Supply Chain Risk.
[Financial Growth - Gross Margin]
Enabling in make better customer-centric decisions. Improve gross margins.
Visualize and predict business patterns and customer behavior.

Business intelligence and analytics.

Custom build reports.

Predict sales and market trends,

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