Intel Case Studies Smart Support for Vulnerable Adults from Cascade3d

Smart Support for Vulnerable Adults from Cascade3d

Smart Support for Vulnerable Adults from Cascade3d
Equipment & Machinery
Product Development

•Smart healthcare. Cascade3d wanted to integrate its analytics into an IoT platform so that data from sensors could be gathered, filtered, and analyzed to transform and optimize professional healthcare.

• Education. IoT solutions are seen to be quite complex and can be daunting for less technical people, so adoption in the healthcare industry requires education as well as low barriers to use.

• Data privacy. Especially when dealing with vulnerable individuals, the security of all data collected is paramount, as is sensitively dealing with this data.

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Cascade Connected Care

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• Bespoke IoT solutions. Cascade3d deploys Intel IoT Gateways to securely connect different configurations of smart sensors, depending on client needs, and ensure a safe, uninterrupted data flow between them.

• Significant capacity. Intel® AtomTM processors in the gateway devices provide the computing power and throughput needed to gather all incoming data, normalize it, and send it to the cloud.

• Top security. The Intel IoT Gateway has built-in enterprise-grade security to keep sensitive data as safe as possible.

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Connectivity Status, Personal Medical
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Higher standards. In collaboration with Intel and Wind River, Cascade3d gives care organizations the opportunity to work more efficiently and support vulnerable people to live at home in a monitored environment.
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Data-driven care. With bespoke home monitoring, the IoT can help carers to work smart, going where they are needed most at the right time to ameliorate resource shortages and give the best care they can.
[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Constant connection. Patient data from the gateway devices is stored in the cloud for easy review and analysis in real-time through a simple Cascade3d* dashboard application available on a PC or mobile device.
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