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Smart Romanian City

Smart Romanian City
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Onesti City Hall current data center infrastructure is manly used for internal use and adding more servers and licenses rise the cost of public expenditure. Additionally, Onesti City Hall wants a secure system that will can interact with the local community to rise the engagement of the citizens using their mobile devices.
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City of Onesti
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DasData solved Onesti City Hall challenges by introducing DasCity – SmartCity Dashboard that allows organizing and integration of data such as traffic sensors monitoring, bike sharing system, tourist attraction, urban security, intelligence services, energy, utilities metering, etc.

DasCity Report - encourages citizens to participate actively by introducing mobile technologies and notifications of any incidents in town. DasCity runs in the enterprise solid cloud based infrastructure, offering high level of security and scalability minimizing the risks and costs.
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement], [Operation] - Fast data transmission allows for quick response time
[Data Management], [Data Analysis] - High levels of data allow relevant individuals to change policy or regulations given their revelations
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