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Wyless had been using Internal Ticketing System (ITS) built in Porthos for the purpose of support tickets related to all customers. ITS was a good solution in terms of logging support tickets and ticket assignment but it did not provided different reports related to tickets which is one of the essential to measure SLAs. Wyless had prepare report manually and then perform different operations to seek SLA on response and resolution also to figure out which kind of issues occur more and against which operators. Another challenge faced was the difficulty for customer to log on to Porthos every time to create a ticket and respond on queries by going to Porthos.
Wyless empower businesses to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Their unparalleled reach is delivered through their 20+ MNO partners across the globe. They connect millions of devices around the world with their leading technology, providing guaranteed costs, visibility and control of customer mission critical applications. They offer SIM, eSim, Multi-IMSI, and Core Multiple Network capabilities deployed through Data centers located in different locations across continents and with their collaborative team of experts ready to help their customers succeed in their businesses operations. Their comprehensive services deliver 24/7/365 support and monitoring of customer devices through their global service centers.
After reviewing several options to move to, Wyless made a decision to move to Salesforce. But to make sure all data is successfully shifted to Salesforce and moving forward it sync everything properly as well, was a challenge. A feature was required between Porthos and Salesforce so customer had to login to Porthos only and then can go to their salesforce account with same account. ZIN implemented the single sign in feature between the two so all the 3000+ customers on Porthos can login to salesforce through Porthos and did not had to create an account.
Mature (technology has been on the market for >5 years)
Move all records for existing customers, related contacts and data in regards to existing tickets to Salesforce. Data set on both sides was analyzed and required data was moved from Porthos to Salesforce.
Regular syncing of data between Porthos and Salesforce so that if a new customer is added, any change in existing data occurs or any new ticket has to be logged, it is instantly reflected in Salesforce as well.
Snaplogic sync services were configured and mapped at database end and with APIs at Salesforce end. Snaplogic keep track of all the data and vigilantly make the change at Salesforce side.
Wyless customers achieved is that now they no longer need to login into Porthos to create a support ticket or update it.
They can simply email and get an issue logged and once a response is received they can respond back via email without logging into Porthos.
On the second note the benefit Wyless achieved from migrating to salesforce was better reporting and statistics around tickets logged by customers.
The IoT ONE Radar indicates the mix of hardware, software and services used in an IoT solution.
Horizontal applications are standardized (e.g., asset tracking). Vertical applications are tailored to specific needs (e.g., delivery fleet management).
APIs are the market enabler for IoT. They allow users to manage devices, enable data transfer between software, and provide access capabilities.
Visualization solutions use dashboards, alerts, events, maps, and other tools to present easily comprehensible data to end users.
Data management solutions capture, index and store data in traditional database, cloud platforms, and fog systems for future use.
System integrators link IoT component subsystems, customize solutions, and ensure that IoT systems communicate with existing operational systems.
IoT data management consultancies help to make sense of big data, decide which data to maintain and for how long, and troubleshoot IT issues.
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