Ericsson Case Studies Richmond Cars

Richmond Cars

Richmond Cars

Richmond Cars faced a number of challenges in regards to their business communications:

Site-to-site trafc and incoming calls were increasing, and Richmond needed to understand this in order to manage their response accordingly without just increasing headcount.

They wanted to really understand call traffic, customer demand and service levels as customer service is imperative – Richmond's reputation depends on excellent customer relationships.

As they grow and add additional sites, their communications system also needs to be scalable.

 Drive revenue generating services through outbound calling.


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Richmond Cars started as a small single-site business and has grown to become a multi-site group. As an established dealer of Hyundai cars, they were also keen to work with a Korean brand.

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iPECS platforms were deployed in each office with IP networking linking each site and delivering integrated directory and feature transparency across the entire business and its 3 branches.

iPECS IP 8000 Series E handsets for key users across all sites and remote locations. DECT and WiFi handsets enabled mobile members of the business such as the Sales team to stay connected wherever they are on-site.

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Communication Performance, Connectivity Status, Customer Satisfaction Score, Service Lifecycle
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Improvements in outbound call effciency, focus and use of resources. 
[Product Improvement - Customer Satisfaction]
Centralised customer support and higher customer satisfaction. 
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