Case Studies | How Pact Coffee Uses To Ship Up To 4k Coffee Packs A Day
Edit This Case Study Record | How Pact Coffee Uses To Ship Up To 4k Coffee Packs A Day | How Pact Coffee Uses To Ship Up To 4k Coffee Packs A Day
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Pact is a recurring subscription coffee company that sends fresh coffee through the post. They currently ship up to 4000 bags per day and with their rapid growth have looked to to streamline their production and shipping process. Tony To, CTO of Pact, explains how they used to used to use Android phones and QR codes as barcode scanners to trigger address labeled printing and to mark coffee packets as shipped. However the phones had several drawbacks, the time taken to focus on a QR code and a limit of the number of interconnected devices caused inefficiency and incentivized them to look into a more elegant solution.

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Since introducing, Pact has minimized downtime across their production line, allowing their production output to match their impressive growth. According to Tony they have replicated their initial production line 3 times over.

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Their old method of manually sshing into each device to update their system has now been reduced to one command. Allowing them to deploy to their entire fleet of devices with a simple git push. 

It has also reduced the time and hassle taken to provision new devices. As Sam Levy, one of the developers at Pact, explains one of the upsides of is that if we need a new packing desk it can take 15 minutes to get it up and running. also serves invaluable real time status of what is happening on the factory floor, allowing them to act on issues as soon as they occur on the factory floor.

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