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Saviant Case Studies Real-time visibility of Supply chain operations with IoT

Real-time visibility of Supply chain operations with IoT

Real-time visibility of Supply chain operations with IoT
Logistics & Warehousing

Food service delivery companies generally manage large volumes of food or non-food products, with very low profit margins. And, one of their major challenges involves optimizing operational efficiency during food delivery, for accelerated business growth and competitive advantage.

However, to address this challenge, they had no means to know what exactly happens during the delivery hours. Was the food inventory ready to deliver is kept under optimum temperature conditions? Were the drivers taking the right routes? Was the customer order being delivered on time? Their business required visibility of its supply chain operations in real-time, so they could track & monitor what’s happening every minute. This would help optimize operations and save money.

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Leading UK’s food service specialist, which delivers more than 4500 products to over 30,000 customers including delis, restaurants, caterers and cafes.

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 Saviant built a cloud-based IoT and Enterprise Mobility platform that provides 100% visibility of supply chain operations in real-time. The platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX as well. This IoT solution is powered by Microsoft Azure IoT to provide the necessary capabilities that the business demands. Real-time temperature monitoring of perishable food items is achieved using a fleet of multi-temperature control vehicles, which send data in real-time to cloud and drivers’ mobile phones. This helps to enable real-time tracking of operations for thousands of customers’ orders daily. The result is the customer delight through high-quality customer service by delivering the right food at right time and to the right location.

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Delivery Time, Operating Cost, Routes, Supply Chain Optimization, Temperature
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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Real-time temperature monitoring – Food delivery service company can now monitor multi-temperature control vehicles using this solution, enabling minimal risk of customers returning the goods.

100% real-time supply chain visibility on Mobile phone – With IoT and Enterprise mobility platform, drivers can now check the temperature of perishable food items before delivery, get messages on right route, and collect the right amount from the customers even without any network; thereby, ensuring right delivery at right time.

Customer delight & repeat business due to faster fresh food delivery and 100% accuracy in customer-order fulfillment.

Zero errors in cash calculation and less time spent for stock checks.

Improved operational efficiency due to 100% visibility of supply-chain operations in real-time.

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