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Synapse Wireless Case Studies Re-Inventing Food Safety
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Re-Inventing Food Safety

Synapse Wireless
Re-Inventing Food Safety
Quality Assurance
Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence

Sigma Industrial Automation formerly specialized in creating weights and scales for the food industry when they realized their customers were doing the majority of their measurements by hand. Seeing an opportunity to expand their product offering and improve their customers’ experience, Sigma team members decided to explore the creation of wireless equipment that could send measurements to a computer. Sigma just needed a way to make a product that met their customers’ needs—and a way to do it fast.

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Sigma Industrial Automation

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Sigma decided to use Synapse products and tools to create their solution. Given that they had a very small development staff, they needed technology that could amplify their teams’ skillset. The SNAP technology built into every Synapse RF Module eliminated the time and resources required to set up a mesh networking technology for their product line. Sigma also benefited from the great support provided by the Synapse customer operations team. The development staff got the help they needed while they were getting their products ready for the market.

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Accuracy, Customer Satisfaction Score, Product Images, Sales, Weight
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Increased Product Line

Expanded Industry Reach

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