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GE Digital (GE) Case Studies Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet

Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet

GE Digital (GE)
Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet
Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet
Pitney Bowes Industrial Internet
Equipment & Machinery
Discrete Manufacturing
The world's 1st-ever Industrial Internet platform, Predix, becomes a pathway for revenue generation and notable new cost savings for Pitney Bowes' production mail business. An ordinary mail business, this is not. Of the 150 million pieces of mail produced each day in the US, the majority go through Pitney Bowes machines.
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The workhorses of industry, Pitney Bowes machines perform in 3,500 systems installed worldwide, many with more than 10 assets per site, operating 24/7.
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Predix powers Clarity – Pitney Bowes’ new Industrial Internet software solution.

Clarity improves inserting and mail operations by:

• Monitoring asset health
• Remotely diagnosing technical issues in real time
• Helping increase asset utilization
• Improving operations via machine resources and job scheduling
• Improving SLA attainment via real-time adaptive scheduling
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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Clarity helps drive up to 20% increases in machine yield over time.
Up to 10% machine efficiency and 20% call center activity reduction.
Up to 15% savings on parts replacement and 10% tech support time-savings.
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