GE Digital (GE) Case Studies Petropriar Uses Operator Rounds to Improve Asset Performance and Avoid Unplanned

Petropriar Uses Operator Rounds to Improve Asset Performance and Avoid Unplanned

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Petropriar Uses Operator Rounds to Improve Asset Performance and Avoid Unplanned
Equipment & Machinery
Asset Health Management (AHM)

Petropriar, S.A., a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., owns and operates oil and natural gas reserves in the country’s Orinoco Belt. Petropriar needed an easy way to manage the inspection of its rotating electrical and static equipment at one of its industrial complexes.

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PetroPiar, S.A. owns and operates oil and natural gas reserves. The company was formerly known as Petrolera Hamaca, C.A. The company is based in Barcelona, Venezuela. PetroPiar, S.A. operates as a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.

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Petropriar implemented Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM) (formerly Meridium Enterprise APM) in 2004. It decided to address this most recent challenge by implementing the operator rounds capability, now found in APM Health, a Predix APM solution.

The first phase of implementation included software configuration, training, and establishing functional guidelines (required routes, assets to be monitored, etc.). The new initiative was a cultural change in Petropriar’s project management principles, and represented the company’s new approach to understanding the condition of assets, improving overall asset performance, and establishing methods to improve monitoring and failure prevention.

The project included visual inspection, parameters verification, and thermography surveying, as well as training for more than 200 operating engineers, operation analysts, supervisors, and field operators. Training encompassed multiple sessions on condition-based maintenance (CBM) principles and asset health methodologies.

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Asset Performance, Operation Performance, Operator Compliance, Process Parameters
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Petropriar now has a robust data collection and analysis system to monitor and manage the health of its routing, electrical and static assets.With the information from SAP, Petropriar engineers can analyze operating trends and identify maintenance needs before an outage occurs. 

With an APM solution, the company was able to identify several issues that impact asset performance including:

- damaged field gauges

- inadequate parameters for operation monitoring

- equipment operating out of limits 

- operator training needs 


Petropriar identified potential improvements:

- Improving operator skills

- Standardization of asset condition data collection

- Reduction of work notifications created

- Early detection of asset degradation and mechanisms

- Reduction of maintenance costs

- Integration of operations, process, and maintenance departments

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