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Bastille Networks Case Studies MouseJack Case Study
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MouseJack Case Study

Bastille Networks
MouseJack Case Study
Equipment & Machinery
Discrete Manufacturing
Security Claims Evaluation
Other frequency
BLE, Z-Wave, DECT, Enocean, nRF24

In order to prevent eavesdropping, most vendors encrypt the data being transmitted by wireless keyboards, however it appears that the same security was not built into the mouse communications. The communication between the dongle and mice tested by the research team showed that there was no authentication in place, leaving the dongle unable to determine the difference between commands originating from the user’s mouse and those coming from an attacker. This results in the ability for an attacker to pretend to be a mouse and transmit their own packets to the dongle.

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IoT Device Manufacturers

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Bastille’s IoT security solution gives companies full situational awareness and control of all wireless devices within their facility. Its technology tracks the location and activity of all internet-connected and wireless devices on premise. As a result, security executives can prevent the theft of valuable information and protect employees throughout their environment. Bastille deploys a mesh network of proprietary radio frequency (RF) sensors throughout the customer facility. These sensors are able to track the location and emissions of all wireless devices within their environment. Bastille’s system sends updates and alerts to end-users to help immediately stop ongoing intrusions and threats.

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Asset Location, Data Security
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Identify Security Risks - Identify wireless devices or protocols that may pose a risk to the environment.

Prevent Security Issues - Prevent intruders from hacking into the facility network and unwanted personnel from entering secure areas.

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