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Telefonica Case Studies Maintaining Safety Standards for Balfour Beatty
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Maintaining Safety Standards for Balfour Beatty

Maintaining Safety Standards for Balfour Beatty
Heavy Vehicle
Quality Assurance
Driving is a core part of Balfour Beatty’s business and managing risk on site and on the road is a high priority for the organisation.
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Balfour Beatty is a world-class services business operating across the infrastructure lifecycle, with leading positions in major markets. Operating in over 80 countries, they provide the assets that societies need to function, develop and thrive.
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- E2E Telefonica solution. Modular approach; Track & trace, driving behaviour, optimization. Includes device, installation, connectivity, tracking & advisory, technical support.

-Always connected “Black Box” device. Fast and easily installable.

- Web Portal for users. Total visibility of customer assets and vehicles.

- Periodical reporting. Automatic powerful definable reports: driving behaviours, historical locations etc.
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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Driving habits improvement - Improve driver habits and reduce risks using real-time feedback and driving behavior monitoring.
Transparent reporting - Contract managers see dates, time and location information from vehicles attending client sites. This helps them to provide transparent reporting and build stronger relationships with clients.
Cost savings - Through feedback on vehicle performance and efficiency and reductions in fuel use through cutting engine idling and improved driver performance.
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