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Lotte Department Store switched to Smart Waste Management

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In order to maximize the shopping experience of their customers, Lotte Department Store wanted to minimize the waste collection frequency during operations. Whether indoors or outdoors, Lotte’s cleaning sta had to visit high traffic areas of their malls and outlets during business hours up to four times on weekdays and seven times on weekends. These frequent waste collections not only meant high operational costs but it also interfered with customers’ shopping experiences.

To summarize:

· Bins in high traffic areas becoming full quickly

· Frequent bin emptying during store operations

· Interfering with customers’ shopping experiences

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Lotte Department Store is a Korean retail company which is one of eight business units of Lotte Shopping. Lotte Department Store oers shopping services and operates cultural centers, galleries, and event halls. There are currently 48 branches nationwide, including 10 branches in Seoul.

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In order to solve their problem, Lotte installed 24 Clean Cubes in central spots as well as near restrooms of Lotte Department Store locations. 8 of the 24 Clean Cubes were equipped with LED advertisement panels to promote various storewide events at the department store.

To summarize:

· Installation of 24 Clean Cubes

· 8 Clean Cubes with LED advertisement panels

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Customer Satisfaction Score, Human Behavior, Human traffic, Operation Performance, Waste Management Cost
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Increase in collection efficiency from 4~7 times a day to once a day
  • More pleasant shopping experience for customers
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