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Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth

Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
Integration of PLC with IoT for Bosch Rexroth
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The application arises from the need to monitor and anticipate the problems of one or more machines managed by a PLC. These problems, often resulting from the accumulation over time of small discrepancies, require, when they occur, ex post technical operations maintenance.
Bosch Rexroth provides worldwide integrated technologies for operations and control of industrial plants and mobile equipment and technologies related to renewable energy in 80 countries for over 200 years.
Bosch Rexroth has integrated its Rexroth control systems into Solair IoT platform effectively and with reduced design effort. The platform of programmable controllers Rexroth is ready for Connected Industry: it has been designed for easy integration in the supervisory systems and data management processes and for direct access through languages and systems of the IT world.
Status of machine, distance between parcels, movement of objects
Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for <2 years)
Remote Device Diagnostics - Real-time status reports enable maintenance personnel to do predictive maintenance and problem detection before interruption in production processes.
Total Cost of Ownership - Total cost of ownership is lowered due to reduction in unexpected maintenance costs.
Real-time Tracking - The location of individuals and assets can be identified in near real-time.
The solution provides 24/7 monitoring which enables access to real-time information about machines.
The IoT ONE Radar indicates the mix of hardware, software and services used in an IoT solution.
Processors provide the intelligence behind IoT systems and are often integrated into system-on-a-chip designs.
Technologies that enable legacy devices and other systems to connect to the IoT. They integrate technologies and protocols for networking.
IoT analytics includes real-time or edge computing and batch analysis. Analytics can be behavioral, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive.
Visualization solutions use dashboards, alerts, events, maps, and other tools to present easily comprehensible data to end users.
Data management solutions capture, index and store data in traditional database, cloud platforms, and fog systems for future use.
System integrators link IoT component subsystems, customize solutions, and ensure that IoT systems communicate with existing operational systems.
IoT data management consultancies help to make sense of big data, decide which data to maintain and for how long, and troubleshoot IT issues.
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